Summer Academy Kitchen

Within the daily routine, food has as important a role as the training and the workshops. Hunger is certain to make itself felt at the right moment. I will ensure it is met and satisfied, and will keep your energy up with nutritious and balanced food consisting of proteins and calories – without neglecting the sense of taste and joy of good eating. The Summer Academy recipes are inspired by the abbey and its surroundings. Traditional recipes from the monastic kitchen have been newly arranged and reinterpreted. Prior's Soup, Friar's Salad, Bitchy Sister Side Dish, Pasta à la Neapolitan Abbot, Pilgrim Couscous, Holy Spirit Risotto, Missionary Hummus... this is a selection of dishes awaiting you at the Summer Academy.

„The dish of the day is fine as long as one knows what day its preparation goes back to...“

Pierre Dac