21 July - 3 August 2019
San Giusto (Tuscania, Italy)

Every summer FAMILIE FLÖZ invite to its Summer Academy for theatre creatives.

After 5 years in Mezzano, the FLÖZ AKADEMIE has left the hills of the Chianti and moved further south! The former monastery of San Giusto near Tuscania is a fantastic venue and offers us new spatial possibilites, new inspiration - and a new challenge. A great reason for us to reconsider and improve concept and structure and to try out new ideas!

We've been fascinated by and engaged in mask theatre for more than 20 years. The academy in part aims at transmitting this fascination as well as sharing and teaching our experiences.

The actual focal point of FAMILIE FLÖZ is the creative ensemble. Theatre, as the most social of all art forms, does not originate in the mind of one mere individual, but rather in between humans. Joint theatre creation poses enormous challenges to the ensemble and to each of the individuals by whom it is formed.

The joint search for images, movements, games and fantasies is also a social experiment. The workshops of past years have built an enterprising, prolific and growing community, which in turn has already engendered diverse groups and successful productions. Young theatre-makers found artistic impulses or even a partner or ensemble through the summer academy.

This summer we will work with a group of 30 people.