Gianni Bettucci

For many years now Gianni has served as FAMILIE FLÖZ's manager. He studied literature and political science in Florence and then worked as a manager in New York City and London for several theatre companies. He is the ensemble's >>

artistic production manager and thus participates in the creative processes. In 2006 he established the FLÖZ AKADEMIE, where he participates regularly as an actor and coordinator of the different souls and fields of the Akademie.

Thomas Rascher

Thomas studied at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, where he has been a professor of "movement" since 2011. He worked as an actor and writer at the Schauspiel Essen before creating the first pieces for FAMILIE FLÖZ: FLÖZ & SÖHNE  >>

and FAMILIE FLÖZ KOMMT ÜBER TAGE. He initiated the production HOTEL PARADISO, for which he also built masks. He has created masks for various other projects, as well as for use in drama classes. He has primarily worked as a teacher of mask making and movement training at the Bochum Drama School and the Universität der Künste Berlin, and is now a lecturer in adult education at the Remscheid Academy.
 In 2004 Thomas completed his training as a Franklin Method™ educator. 

Michael Vogel

Michael directs the FAMILY FLÖZ productions and is the company's artistic director. He has worked as a director for numerous artists, dance companies and theater - including Bremer Shakespeare Company, the Schauspielhaus Bochum, Theater  >>

Strahl Berlin and Gardi Hutter.
 An important aspect of his work is the development of material in common authorship with the ensemble. His experience ranges from editing literary and dramatic texts to visual theater or for clown performances.
Michael also studied at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen and has worked as a lecturer at the Universität der Künste Berlin and at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin.

Stefan Lochau

at work >>

at work

Paul White

at work >>

at work

San Giusto Team


Dancer and medieval historian, lady of the house - much to her distain.
Miss (the cat): matriarch of the monastery's many cats.


Polemicist and graphic designer. He is married to Ippolita and has a solution for all problems.

Sergio Grispello

is from Naples and lives in Barcelona. His training as a chef already started at a tender age, studying diligently with his mother Teresa. This was followed by professional formation and specific courses on different culinary cultures >>
and ways of preparing food.
He doesn't just cook, but nurtures his great passion for food by travelling through culinary histories, rituals, learning from people and eras. His ideal place is the kitchen. He has a preference for Mediterranean cooking, yet his menus truly are culinary journeys à la Marco Polo, from the Mediterranean via the Maghreb right into Asia. He enjoys unburdened and good-humoured work, using ingredients that are at his disposal in particular places and at respective times of year.

"Indeed: nobody who is indifferent to food is to be trusted."

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Kitchen Dienst

Every day 5 different participants to the Akademie will for the famous Kitchen dienst, which will help the cooks to prepare the Refectory, serve the food to the other participants and clean everything before the night break. At the end of the Akademie the best team will receive the Prize: „The Best Kitchen Dienst 2014“.


si occupa di cavalli, asini, trattori e campagna e giardino. Se qualcosa si rompe, chiamatelo!

Our bevy of beasts

The monastery is home to not only chefs, actors and mime artists from around the globe, but also to various different animals, including dogs, cats, horses and donkeys.


(l. to r.) 

Cana: leader of the pack and uncontested head of the San Giusto monastery. Main activities: chasing pigeons and eating them.

Diana: Vagabond dog, liked the place and decided to stay.

 She needs a lot of affection!
Luna: the sweetest of them all. Please do not feed her, she will explode!


Everyday we will have to feed the donkeys with frish carrots....



Java & Luna

Mother and daughter. Main activities: eating and sleeping.