26th-29th October 2017 @ STUDIO FLÖZ, Berlin, D
with Björn Leese

What happens when an actor puts on a mask?

The mask substantially transforms the actor, his possibilities and tasks. Initially, it conveys a feeling of confinement. As soon as the actor connects with this seemingly unchangeable and solid form, though, it transforms. 

The mask loses its rigidity and merges with the actor's body, becoming a single entity and turning into a completely new being. 

The audience witnesses how this being springs to life. How it beholds the world with curiosity, how it startles, laughs, weeps, frets... how it begins to act and react. 

The mask offers the actor an opportunity to address the spectator on a very direct and immediate level. 

 How does this initial awakening lead to a distinct figure? 

And how can I develop a scene from its first actions and encounters?

We want to get to the bottom of these questions through basic improvisation exercises using the character masks of Familie Flöz. Interacting with costumes and music, we will playfully develop figures that serve as a starting point for encounters and small scenes. 

Björn Leese is actor, musician and part of Familie Flöz since 1997.

Everyday from 10 till 17h.
Fee: €300+ 19% VAT
Location: STUDIO FLÖZ, Lehderstr. 39-41, 13086 Berlin
Max 15 Participiants
Info & Applications:

Larval Masks

24th – 26th November 2017 @ STUDIO FLÖZ, Berlin, D
led by Nicolas Witte

The larval masks, with their simple forms, stimulate our play and imagination in a poetic way and offer immediate access to mask and physical theatre.The larval masks, unlike the Flöz masks, are not yet defined in character. They are simply a big nose, a thick chin, high forehead, etc. The masks lead to a more precise definition of the body gesture, the consciousness of the surrounding space and so enrich the scenic sensibility. We improvise with the masks and explore their universe by placing them in different real life situations.

Location: STUDIO FLÖZ, Lehderstr. 39-41, 13086 Berlin

Fee: €200 per person + 19% V.A.T - Applications to

Encounter with a mask

19 - 21 January 2018 @ STUDIO FLÖZ, Berlin, D
led by Anna Kistel

How does a mask changes the performers body, breath, movement, awareness, even his heartbeat?
What is moving us by getting in touch with her, how does she becomes alive?
In this short, but intensiv workshop we will have the possibility to encounter with the character masks of Familie Flöz. Let the mask decides who you are!

Begegnung mit der Maske
Wie verändert sich der Körper, der Gang, die Atmung, die Wahrnehmung, ja sogar der Herzschlag wenn wir eine Maske aufsetzen? Wie begegnen wir ihr, wie wird sie lebendig und was bewegt sie in uns? An diesem kurzen, aber intensiven Wochenende haben wir die Möglichkeit den Flöz Masken individuell und intuitiv zu begegnen, sie lebendig zu machen und sie spielerisch zu bewegen. Lass die Maske entscheiden, wer Du bist!

Anna Kistel is performer and author in Familie Flöz' productions HOTEL PARADISO and GARAGE D'OR.

Fee: €210 + 19% VAT
Location: STUDIO FLÖZ, Lehderstr. 39-41, 13086 Berlin
Limited to 15 participants
Info & Application:

Neutral Mask

6th – 8th April 2018 @ Studio Flöz, Berlin, D
Led by: Andrés Angulo

Above all, the neutral mask is an educational learning aid. A tool that allows the actor to develop his presence in space, his expressiveness and the awareness for his body.
It transfers the actor to a search - for a state of acting where the calm, the dynamic and the scenically strong presence exist simultaneously. The neutral mask prepares the actor for mask play. It is essential training for all further steps in working with masks.
Based on the work Jacques Lecoq, this workshop develops your presence on stage as well as your body awareness by placing focus on accurate listening, sight, precision and the understanding of time and cooperation.
Max Patricipants: 15
Lesson: 6 hours a day
Fee: 200 € + V.A.T. where due
The workshop will be held in english.

Registrations at