The countless faces of the Mask

13 - 19 January 2020 @ STUDIO FLÖZ, Berlin, D

Led by: Andrés Angulo, Thomas van Ouwerkerk and Johannes Stubenvoll

Already in ancient greek theatre three actors played with masks in changing roles.

Based on the experiences with the play TEATRO DELUSIO (2004), in which three actors play 29 different characters, FAMILIE FLÖZ invites to a 7-day workshop "The countless faces of the Mask".

The course offers an insight into the basics of playing with a mask. Based on a specific training and exercises on technical aspects, the participants work on different characters during the week and develop short scenes with them.

A special focus of the workshop will be the transformation of the actor. Masks offer the performer the opportunity to switch between very different characters in the twinkling of an eye - an exciting challenge that requires a vigilant mind, a ready body but also organisation.

At the end of the week there will be the possibility of a presentation in front of a small audience.

The workshop will be held in English.

+++ Workshop is fully booked +++

Fee:  500€ + 19% MwSt
Location: STUDIO FLÖZ, Lehderstr. 39-41, 13086 Berlin
Limited to 20 participants
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