From the neutral to the character mask

@ Studio Flöz, Berlin, D

Led by: Andrés Angulo

The neutral mask prepares the actor for mask play. It’s an essential training for all further steps in working with masks. The main goal of this workshop is to explore the transition from a neutral mask to a character mask. Based on some fundamental principles of the neutral mask, we will start a journey to discover, create and play with a character mask. The participants will build a character and play with others on the stage.

Through games, improvisations and exercises (with and without mask) the participants will approach the basic principles of the play with mask: body, movement, breathing and timing.

Some issues that will be taken into consideration during the workshop are:

  • Energy and presence
  • Listening and action-reaction
  • Focus
  • Relation between mask and public

Maximum number of participants: 15 persons
Total hours: 18h
Language: The workshop will be held in English.
Costs: 238€ (200€ Participation fee + 19% VAT = 238€)

The workshop will be held in english.

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