Neutral Mask

6th – 8th April 2018 @ Studio Flöz, Berlin, D
Led by: Andrés Angulo

Above all, the neutral mask is an educational learning aid. A tool that allows the actor to develop his presence in space, his expressiveness and the awareness for his body.
It transfers the actor to a search - for a state of acting where the calm, the dynamic and the scenically strong presence exist simultaneously. The neutral mask prepares the actor for mask play. It is essential training for all further steps in working with masks.
Based on the work Jacques Lecoq, this workshop develops your presence on stage as well as your body awareness by placing focus on accurate listening, sight, precision and the understanding of time and cooperation.
Max Patricipants: 15
Lesson: 6 hours a day
Fee: 200 € + V.A.T. where due
The workshop will be held in english.

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