Mask Making

The following focal points, which develop vividly in the work of the Flöz family, are the subject of the workshop "Mask making":

Mask making
In the course of the course, the participants build a self-designed full mask made of papier-mâché.
As in "Performing", the focus is on the authorship of the participant. Starting from the impression of their own face, the participants search for their own form. They make decisions for a figure, do research on it and develop the character up to the implementation in clay. The entire production process, from the modelled positive, to the negative mother form, to the lamination and the completion of the mask, is accompanied and reflected in a supportive and critical manner.
In addition to technical information on mask construction, knowledge of the form itself is conveyed, which is helpful so that the mask can later come to life on stage. The following topics will be considered: Anatomy, asymmetry, the mask as projection surface, figure, light.

Tuning movement / senses
The tuned mover is an energetic and organic movement training with elements of the Alexander Technique. The work enables access to higher levels of spatial-energetic consciousness and develops a greater sensitivity to intense physicality. We approach movement through dance and stimulate personal creative potential through improvisation. A gentle strength and powerful gentleness in the way we move will redefine how we deal with our imagination, with music, in space.

Neutral Mask
Rhythm, tension, space and imagination are decisive parameters for every performer. The neutral mask is a very useful and instructive tool to re-experience, train or refine the process of "embodying".

Photo gallery: Masks made in Flöz Akademie

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