26 July - 8 August 2020

Theatre is only captivating, entertaining and moving when performer and audience are in permanent contact with each other. Theatre is always a "simplified world", but it is disappointing when the audience does not imagine the "whole world" in it. The academy wants to offer each participant a journey to discover, observe, reflect and finally expand their own possibilities.

All our masks, characters, scenes and plays are created from a creative impulse in the performer/writer or director/writer. This impulse is very individual: hidden or dominant, formal or naive, presumptuous or modest, fleeting or constant, mental or instinctive, random or prepared. However, it is always necessary for the joint creation, because it makes a decision and "gets the ball rolling". The desire to embody, to transform or to reproduce something is an important impulse for the entire process of our creation.

We do not convey patent recipes, but try to develop together a feeling for how and where living things arise and can unfold. The creation of a fruitful working environment, the balance of order and chaos, is the responsibility of the ensemble.

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