Berlin Summer School 2020

Please note: In all workshops we respect all current standards of hygiene and distance.

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31 July to 9 August 2020

STUDIO FLÖZ, Berlin, Germany
led by: Hajo Schüler

In the course each participant build a self-designed full mask made of papermaché.
The focus is on the authorship of the participant. Starting from scratch the participants search for their own form. They make decisions for a character, do research on it and develop it up to the implementation in clay. The entire production process, from the modelled positive, to the negative mould, to the lamination and the completion of the mask, is accompanied and reflected in a supportive and critical manner.
In addition to technical information on mask construction, knowledge of the form itself is conveyed, which is helpful so that the mask can later come to life on stage. The following topics will be considered: Anatomy, asymmetry, figure, light.
Hajo is mask maker, performer, director and writer for Familie Flöz and Artistic Director for the Company.
The workshop will be held bilingual in English and German.

Venue: STUDIO FLÖZ, Lehderstr. 39-41, 13086 Berlin
Max to 20 participants

31 July to 9 August
4 hours daily | 9am - 1pm 

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31 July to 8 August 2020

EDEN STUDIOS, Berlin, Germany
led by: Valentina Bordenave

The tuned mover is an energetic and integrated movement training with elements of the Alexander Technique, ideal to start the performer's day.

For more than two decades Valentina has been spreading in her classes the joy of waking up and exploring the physical intelligence.
The work provides clear information and tools to reconnect with your psychophysical being and be moved through space, images and emotions.
By refining self-perception and connecting deeply with the natural energy that spirals through the body, an approach to movement is made with heightened awareness.
Both movement sequences and guided improvisations will be part of the sessions, together with moments to reflect about the work.

Venue: EDEN STUDIOS Breite Str. 43, 13187 Berlin
Max to 20 participants

31 July to 8 August - Monday 3 August day-off
1,5 hours daily | 9 - 10.30 am

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4 to 8 August 2020

EDEN STUDIOS, Berlin, Germany
led by: Paul White

What is the importance of play? Of simply jumping in and exploring without goals or destinations?
We have lost much of our capacity to throw ourselves fully into creative process, as, over time, our natural inquisitive playfulness has turned into professional seriousness or our creative spirit has been paralysed.
Ideas you’ve never explored? Do you stop taking creative action because of logic or reason? Are there constraints to you fully expressing yourself both physically and emotively? Come frolic, frisk, mess around and cavort! 
In a series of physical and theatrical explorations, we bring new ways of acting and moving, and begin to open ourselves up to the magic and unexpected theatrical-fruits of childlike play. 
A workshop for those who are looking for a more light and open-hearted approach to navigating their creative projects, and also for those who look to bring play in their daily lives!

Venue: EDEN STUDIOS Breite Str. 43, 13187 Berlin
Max to 20 participants

4 to 8 August
2 hours daily | 11am - 1 pm

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31 July to 2 August 2020

EDEN STUDIOS, Berlin, Germany
led by: Andrés Angulo

Through games and exercises, with and without mask, we will approach the basic principles of mask performance: Breath, direction, focus and timing. Little by little, we will use these tools on stage, to explore with other performers and to start to build a masked character.
This workshop is led by Andres Angulo, who performs for Familie Flöz in "Haydi!" and "Teatro Delusio".

Venue: EDEN STUDIOS Breite Str. 43, 13187 Berlin
Max to 20 participants

31 July to 2 August
6 hours daily | 11am - 6pm with 1h lunch-break

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4 to 8 August 2020

EDEN STUDIOS, Berlin, Germany
led by: Anna Kistel & Michael Vogel

How does scenic material arise from an improvisation? How do I find a theme? How do I build a scene?
Focus of the workshop is the practical invention and exploration of a self-created character, with masks from the collection of Familie Flöz. By clarifying and strengthening the character, the finding of themes is significantly facilitated. The course provides practical suggestions for the development of a character, a scene and for the deepening and exploration of scenic material.
The course is led by Anna Kistel and Michael Vogel.
Anna is performing and writing for Familie Flöz since 2008.
Michael is co-founder and Artistic Director of Familie Flöz, he is directing, writing and performing.

Venue: EDEN STUDIOS Breite Str. 43, 13187 Berlin
Max to 20 participants

4 to 8 August
4 hours daily | 2pm - 6pm

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