Abbazia di San Giusto

In the mid-1990s, the Bolognese engineer Mauro Checcoli and his family bought the monastery of San Giusto in Tuscany from a cattle and sheep farmer. This 12th century ruin was built by Cistercian monks and had been abandoned for over 600 years when the Choccoli family purchased it. They immediately decided to revive the site and began the adventurous undertaking of excavating, restoring and renovating the structures and grounds.

Today, the monastery of San Giusto is an environmentally friendly organic farm that produces essential oils, as well as a diverse and versatile destination and gathering place for travelers, artists and nature and art lovers and is still a magical place for many who visit it, just as it was for those who established it. Situated between a river, lavender fields and olive groves, this unique landscape in a pristine valley is a place where the work of man and nature merge.

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