Morning 9am to 1pm - all participants

with Valentina Bordenave
UNFOLD is an energetic and organic movement training with elements of the Alexander Technique. The work enables access to higher levels of spatial-energetic consciousness and develops a greater sensitivity for intense physicality. We approach movement through dance and stimulate personal creative potential through improvisation.
A gentle strength and powerful gentleness in the way we move will redefine how we deal with our imagination, with music, in space.

with Anna Kistel, Hajo Schüler, Michael Vogel
The mask is a complex yet simple instrument. Its contradictions stand for the paradox of theatre itself.
Masks quickly lead us to the roots of theatre and its most fundamental elements:
The space of the body and the body of space, tension, partner and status, focus and rhythm. 
TOOLS display basic concepts for the practice of embodiment. The work fosters a dialogue between imagination and the moving body and deepens the understanding for the connection between movement and creation.  TOOLS prepare the participants for a writing process from the body, which leads towards playfulness and a creative autonomy.  

Each participant will choose an individual focus for the afternoon with one of the three Intensives:
The Intensives have a maximum number of participants of 10 or 12.

Intensive "Creation Mask"

Afternoon 4pm to 7pm -  10 participants max

with Hajo Schüler
Participants build their own full mask out of papier-mâché.The focus is placed on the authorship of the participant. Based on their own impulses, the participants go in search of their own form. The entire process from modeling in clay, to negative molding, to laminating and finishing the mask is accompanied and reflected upon in a supportive and critical manner. Special attention will be given to the mask's ability to transform and its playability.
The following aspects will be considered: Anatomy, asymmetry, the mask as a medium, character, light.

Intensive "Creation Persona"

Afternoon 4pm to 7pm -  12 participants max

with Anna Kistel

A mask, much like a text, already brings with it a hidden content to be discovered. This discovery is a journey into an unknown territory. The two sides of the mask, the inside and the outside, make this journey a challenge on at least two levels: that of the performer and that of the character. The workshop "Creation Persona" will focus on the development of a character, starting from a character mask. Participants are encouraged to set the mask in motion through breath, emotion and story. With the rising dialogue between performer, character and outside eye, the mask finds step by step into play, gets mind and body and can unfold its power. The workshop pays special attention to the work of the performer with the mask.

Intensive "Creation Drama"

Afternoon 4pm to 7pm -  12 participants max

with Michael Vogel

There is no recipe for creating scenes or plays. How can scenic material develop from an improvisation? How do you find a topic? How do you structure a scene?
The "Creation Drama" intensive invites participants to gain experience as performing authors, using masks as their tools. The collective process of developing dramatic material that is not primarily text-based, is a challenge for performers, directors and dramaturgs. Creating a fruitful working environment, balancing order and chaos, is the responsibility of the ensemble. Through guided and devised work, reflection and playful exercises , participants will be encouraged to develop a sense of essential skills to creating the right conditions for a collaborative ensemble.